Norman Carpenter Drone

Meet Norman Carpenter Drone:

  • Bee Basics
  • Bee Favorites
    • Favorite Flower: Black-Eyed Susan
    • Favorite Color: Brown, like his wood nest!
    • Favorite Landmark: Swan Boats & Pond
    • Favorite Fruit: Melons
    • Favorite Vegetable: Eggplant
    • Favorite Herb: Thyme
  • Fun Facts About Norman Carpenter Drone
    • Norman flies aggressively, even in the face of humans, but can’t sting!
    • As a carpenter bee, Norman is one of the biggest bees on the East Coast.
    • A naturally territorial guy, Norman will try to chase off any bees who come too close to his solitary nest.
    • Race with Norman in the BeeExplorer Mini Games to learn more special moves and facts!