Cousin Margarita Bee

Meet Cousin Margarita Bee:

  • Bee Basics
    • Bee Family: Bumblebee
    • Bee Role: BeeExplorer
      • BeeExplorers are a small percentage of each nest of bees who focus more on finding new food supplies than on gathering the food itself.
      • Having a small percentage allocated to exploring is helpful for the bee’s nest and therefore encouraged as a personality, for the same principle that one might diversify an investment strategy.
    • Bee Mentor: Aunt Daisy
  • Bee Favorites
    • Favorite Flower: Tulips
    • Favorite Color: Purple
    • Favorite Landmark: Back Bay Boston
    • Favorite Fruit: Plums
    • Favorite Vegetable: Carrots
    • Favorite Herb: Chives
  • Fun Facts About Cousin Margarita Bee
    • Margarita knows a lot about bulb flowers! Learn from Margarita in Downtown Boston and during Flower Match.
    • Since Margarita’s new home is so close to the Boston Public Library, she’s an expert on all types of imported flowers, the plant lifecycle, and local art!
    • Margarita’s favorite thing about Boston is pollinating the Freedom Trail!