How to Maximize BeeExplorer’s BeePedia: Flowers Content

Use BeePedia to learn about all sorts of flowers found around along with some common terms and definitions to help you plant your own backyard habitat (it’s easier than it sounds…).

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BeeExplorer Boston Flowers Include:

Small Changes, Big Impact

  • Try planting one herb this year –
    • Excellent nectar source for bees
    • Save $1-5 over the summer & fall for each potential grocery trip
    • No space is no problem – Windowsill, balcony, or backyard, herbs grow everywhere
  • Try planting one flower this year –
    • Planting in the fall? Try planting bulbs for spring blooms.
    • Planting in the summer? Start with seedlings from your local nursery to maximize blossoms for the year, or plant early in summer for wildflowers in the north.
    • Planting in the spring? There are a ton of resources depending on your space and preferences!
      • Vegetable Gardens – Spring Planning Guide
      • Flower Gardens – Spring Planning Guide
      • Fruit Gardens – Spring Planning Guide
    • Planting in the winter? Lucky you for the climate! Check out this list of plants who love to be planted in the winter.