All About BeeExplorer Boston

BeeExplorer Boston is a forthcoming mobile game for virtually all ages! The object of the game is to fly Lily Bumblebee (Lily Bee, for short) around Medford, MA, and Boston to learn about common and local flowers, other native bees, and Boston history and landmarks. Using Lily’s BeePhone to guide her, players will explore Boston’s diverse neighborhoods along the Emerald Necklace, race with carpenter bees, and play matching games to learn how to identify flowers.

There is, even more, to come and play in Summer 2018 on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

**Explore** more details below for how the game works and the different features by player type.

BeeExplorer Boston For the Casual Gamer:

  • BeeExplorer contains more than twenty (20) unique flower fields to fly through featuring:
    • Local & Common Flowers
    • More than ten (10) familiar landmarks in the Boston area to fly around or learn about
    • Several different types of wings to wear… you heard it here first, a bee with butterfly wings is magical!
  • Puzzles, Trivia, and Bumper-Bee-Racing too!
  • Tons of content (available online too!) to learn and practice up for trivia!

BeeExplorer Boston For the Future Botany Student:

  • Information about common Boston bees and butterflies
  • Flower and bee symbiotic pairings that impact your high scores!
  • 13 Unique Local or Common Flowers to learn about (and more to come)!
  • Plant Identification Help with Seeds, Seedlings, and Mature Flower Photos
  • Extra Fun & Scientific Facts organized by Flower


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