Amy Bee

Meet Amy Bee:

  • Bee Basics
    • Bee Family: Bumblebee
    • Bee Role: Nurse Bee
      • Nurse Bees stay in the nest to help raise the babies, allocate space, and keep the nest healthy.
      • Since the Queen doesn’t help out with childcare (she’s busy laying 2,500 eggs per day sometimes!) the nurse bees are a huge asset to the community!
    • Bee Mentor: the Queen Bee
  • Bee Favorites
    • Favorite Flower: All Clovers
    • Favorite Color: Pink
    • Favorite Landmark: Wright’s Tower
    • Favorite Fruit: Wild Strawberry
    • Favorite Vegetable: Wild Lettuces
    • Favorite Herb: Dandelion
  • Fun Facts About Amy Bee
    • Amy loves puzzles that keep her around the nest in case any of the baby bees need her.
    • Amy is a little smaller than Lily since she doesn’t need to leave the nest at all.
    • Since Amy sticks around the nest, she’s a little nervous when she flies outside of her normal zone!