Cedric & Duncan Drone

Meet Cedric & Duncan Drone:

  • Bee Basics
    • Bee Family: Bumblebee
    • Bee Role: Drone
      • Drone bees are basically just any male bee!
      • Drones fly around looking for potential girlfriends and are not usually effective pollinators.
    • Bee Mentor: n/a
  • Bee Favorites
    • Favorite Flower: Chicory
    • Favorite Color: Blue
    • Favorite Landmark: Fenway Park
    • Favorite Fruit: Blackberries
    • Favorite Vegetable: Dinosaur Kale
    • Favorite Herb: Borage
  • Fun Facts About Cedric & Duncan Drone
    • Drone bees don’t have stingers, so Cedric & Duncan are stingless bees, technically!
    • Cedric & Duncan are great flight companions for Lily because they are exploring looking for new bees to meet!