BeeExplorer Mini Games

BeeExplorer – Mini Games – Details

BeeExplorer Mini Games offer a number of ways for players to learn about flowers, bees, local landmarks, and more! Each mini game provides a unique interaction with different flowers and bees.

Check out more information about BeeExplorer Mini Games below:

  • Racer Bee: Carpenter Bee Challenge
    • Win Pollen & Nectar Cup Challenges
    • Learn about the Territorial & Funny Carpenter Bee
    • Experiment with secret moves to beat Norman!
  • Flower Puzzle: A Tile Challenge
    • 7 Unique Puzzles to Solve
    • Use the 1-empty square to reassemble the flower picture
    • Race Against the Clock, # of Moves, & a Bigger Puzzle!
    • Unlock a Secret Surprise!
  • Flower Match: A Memory Challenge
    • 7 Unique Matching Fields
    • Match BeeExplorer Flowers with Real-Life Counterparts
    • Match Different Parts of the Lifecycle to the Correct Flower
    • Race Against the Clock & Your Own Memory!
  • Flower Flip: A Logic Puzzle to Fill Flower Fields
    • 7 Unique Logic Puzzles to Solve
    • Learn About a Different Flower Each Field
    • Play Against the Clock & A Honeybee!
    • Unlock Melissa’s favorite Flower Patch Surprise!

Each player has the flexibility to buy BeeExplorer Mini Games separately or in packaged bundles through in-app purchases. For the full experience, also read about BeeExplorer Free Levels & BeeExplorer Boston!