BeeExplorer Characters

BeeExplorer Character Profiles:

Meet all of Lily’s Friends & Family! Learn about how each Bee expresses different personalities found in a typical nest. As well as silly things like the Bees favorite colors, flowers, and much more!

Meet BeeExplorer Characters:

  • Lily Bee – the main character, a Bumblebee Explorer.
  • Aunt Daisy – Lily’s mentor, a retired Bumblebee Explorer, with many adventures under her bee belt.
  • Amy Bee – Lily’s childhood best friend, a nurse bee, Amy stays close to the nest.
  • Cedric & Duncan Drone – Lily’s friends from flight school, Cedric & Duncan are always looking to find new flowers and meet new nests.
  • Cousin Margarita Bee – Lily’s fashionable cousin from Downtown Boston, Margarita shows Lily and friends around manicured gardens.
  • Melissa Honeybee – a Honeybee on her efficient path to an excellent secret, Melissa plays a speedy logic game with Lily. Can you be(e)at her?
  • Norman Carpenter Drone – a courageous flier, Norman is a Carpenter Drone