BeeExplorer Overview

BeeExplorer is a casual game for kids of all ages. Levels are broken into different subtypes and challenges! For an overview of BeeExplorer Boston levels, navigate below…

  • BeeExplorer – The Free Levels
    • 3 Unique Flower Fields & 3 Landmarks
    • 4 MiniGame Levels
      • Racer Bee Intro
      • Flower Flip Intro
      • Flower Match Intro
      • Tile Puzzle Intro
    • 1 Trivia Challenge
    • Interactive Map of Greater Boston to Explore
    • BeePhone with Apps
      • Bee Store – purchase new accessories, antennas, wings, and more with honey money!
      • Bee Stories – watch streaming stories to learn new tricks about BeeExplorer.
      • BeeChat – send & receive messages from your bee friends & family for new adventures!
      • And Much More!
  • BeeExplorer Boston – The Emerald Necklace
    • 20 Unique Flower Fields
    • 5 Trivia Challenges
    • 10 New Flowers
    • 15 New Landmarks
    • New & Exciting Content in the Bee Store, Bee Stories, and BeeChat!
  • BeeExplorer MiniGames
    • Racer Bee – Carpenter Bee Bumper Bee Racing Challenges
    • Flower Flip – Honeybee Speed Logic Puzzle – find a way to pollinate the whole field!
    • Flower Match – Memory Matching of All Sorts of Flowers – sometimes at different lifecycle stages!
    • Flower Puzzle – Rearrange a flower puzzle using only the empty square to move

BeeExplorer is set to be released June 2018! Please keep up to date by following us on social media!