Aunt Daisy

Meet Aunt Daisy Bee:

  • Bee Basics
    • Bee Family: Bumblebee
    • Bee Role: retired BeeExplorer
      • Retired BeeExplorer’s help train and educate young BeeExplorer’s who are ready to fly.
      • As educators, they will also teach different flight techniques, and share information about others bees!
    • Bee Mentor: the Queen Bee
  • Bee Favorites
    • Favorite Flower: Common Daisy
    • Favorite Color: Yellow
    • Favorite Landmark: Spot Pond
    • Favorite Fruit: Cantaloupe
    • Favorite Vegetable: Summer Squash
    • Favorite Herb: Mint
  • Fun Facts About Aunt Daisy
    • Aunt Daisy has flown over 500 miles and knows many paths around Boston!
    • Aunt Daisy texts Lily through BeeChat to give instructions on where to go and what flowers to look out for.
    • Trivia Challenges are Aunt Daisy’s favorite way to check in on Lily’s progress.