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Scientific Name: Chrysanthemum

Origin: China

Current Status: Naturalized as an annual in most areas around the world

Fall’s Flower

Chrysanthemums or mums flower in the fall during short days and cool nights. They are often called the flower of November.

Container Plants

Virtually all mums prefer full sun and moist, rich soil making them great container plants around the world.

Proven Air Quality Improver

Chrysanthemums were proven by NASA to significantly improve air quality indoors and outdoors. What a great flower to keep around!

Edible Beauties
Many varieties of mums have edible leaves, flowers, or both.

The Origin Story

Chrysanthemums were first grown in the US in 1884 in California and are native to China and northeastern Europe.

An Amazing Super Power

Mums inhibit female mosquitoes from biting and repel some bugs, however, they are universally loved by pollinators.

More Fun Facts:

  • There are over countless varieties and colors of Mums, which is part of the broader Aster family.
  • Some of the most popular varieties include spider mums, pompoms, and the daisy! (Mum, indeed!)