Worried About Carpenter Bees? Don’t Bee.

Carpenter Bees are funny creatures. The male carpenter bee is identified by his yellow-ish face, big, shiny, black body, and aggressive flying maneuvers to let you know you’re on his turf. Chances are if you’ve met one he’s flown right up to you quickly, possibly intimidated you (I know I ran the first time), and then flown away as quickly as he came up.

The funniest thing about the male carpenter bee is that he doesn’t even have a stinger! In fact (or fun fact), stingers on any bee are technically a female organ.

For the last several years we’ve been sharing our backyard with one carpenter bee every spring and summer, but thanks to a little effort planting some new flowers and fruit bushes, and a little zero effort mowing the lawn, we have 3 this year and I couldn’t be happier!

Next time you see a Carpenter Bee remember to look him in the face and laugh! They’re cute, they are minimally invasive, and they will increase the size and number of blossoms in your garden without stinging. Win-win-win!!

Comment below on your own success stories!

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