Wood Anemones

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Scientific Name: Anemone quinquefolia

Origin: North America

Current Status: Wildflower in North America, a close relative of Anemone nemorosa (European)


North American Wood Anemones are often confused with Wood Sorrel. The easy difference is that Wood Sorrel has clover-like leaves.

No Petals, All Sepals

While most flowers have a combination of sepals and petals, the wild anemone has only sepals and no petals at all.

Slow Growing Roots

Wood anemones spread through their root systems rather than seeds and large patches of flowers indicate a very old forest.

Native to the North

Wood anemones are native to North America and grow from Canada through Alabama.

Shady Tree Sights

Wild anemones love to grow by trees because the leaves they drop fertilize the rich soil around where they grow.

Long Grow Times

Wood or wild anemones can take up to 5 years to flower from seed.

Additional Fun Facts:

  • Wood or wild anemones refer to the same plant in New England (typically).
  • It is extremely difficult to transplant these wildflowers into a garden setting.
  • When wild anemones bloom in old forests it attracts hundreds of pollinators at a time (quite a sight!).