Red Clover

Red Clover Flower Details:

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  • Common Name: Red Clover (or Purple Clover)
  • Scientific Name: Trifolium Pratense
  • Origin: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa
  • Current Status: Naturalized in many locations
  • Honey: Clover honey is one of the most common in the world

Red Clover Facts:

The Clover Lifecycle
The Red Clover is considered an annual in New England and generally flowers in the fall, after growing during the cool spring.

Farmer Favorite
Red Clover is commonly used by farms to give back nutrients (especially nitrogen!) to the soil and as food or fodder for pasture animals.

Local Pollinators Love it
Eastern Blue-Tailed butterflies often feed on red clover in the fall and some will even use clovers to lay their eggs!

Additional Facts:

  • Clovers with similar leaf patterns can also be white (different scientific name: Trifolium Repens.
  • Clovers will grow in just about any soil, although it prefers clay.
  • White clovers occasionally have 4 leaf shamrocks!
  • Full sun! Replicate a meadow with other grasses & wildflowers where ever possible.
  • A blog we love… Wellness Mama has also posted unique ways to use Red Clover Flowers as an Herb!

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