Hydrangea Information:

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  • Scientific Name: Hydrangea
  • Common Name: Hydrangea
  • Origin: Predominantly Asia (1 in America)
  • Current Status: Naturalized in most of America

Seeds in the Blossoms
Hydrangea blooms that fall contain seeds that continue the hydrangea lifecycle.

Soil pH
Hydrangeas turn blue in acidic soil and pink in alkaline soil caused by high aluminum content.

Pruning Tip for Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas form their blooms from tips formed in the previous season, so prune gently!

Hydrangea or Hydration?
As their name would imply, hydrangeas require a lot of water, so keep them *hydra*ted.

Short, Dramatic Flowering Cycle
Hydrangeas typically blossom for just 2-3 weeks per season and the blossoms will change in color throughout.

New England Landscaping Staple
Hydrangeas were first found in Japan, but now can be found all over the world and blue hydrangeas are a very famous, common accompaniment in New England landscaping.

Additional Hydrangeas Information:

  • Most species of hydrangeas actually have white flowers.
  • Flowers are arranged in two general patterns in hydrangeas – 1) “mophead” with loosely arranged flowers and 2) “lacecap” a center core of flowers, surrounded by showy outer rings of additional flowers.

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