Daffodil Flower Information:

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  • Scientific Name: Narcissus
  • Common Name: Daffodil, daffadowndilly, narcissus, jonquil
  • Origin: Europe, Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal)
  • Current Status: Naturalized in most of North America, Europe, and North Africa

No Leaf Stem
Daffodils have a leafless stem and 1-20 blossoms on each flower.

Bee & Butterfly Favorite
Both bees and butterflies love daffodils.

Bulbs vs. Seeds
Both tulips and daffodils are sold and grown as bulbs instead of seeds.

Frost Tolerant (Mostly)
Daffodils are mostly weather tolerant, which makes them perfect for beginner gardeners in America!

No Food for Squirrels
Unlike other bulbs, squirrels will not try to eat daffodils because of mild poison!

A Cultural Symbol

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales. The daffodil also represents the new year

Additional Daffodil Facts:

  • Native habitats of daffodils vary greatly, from high, dry mountains, to low, marshes.
  • Wild daffodil varieties are increasingly rare because of loss of habitat and over-collecting.
  • Daffodils have even been featured in Vincent Van Gogh’s work – Undergrowth with Two Figures

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