Common Daisy

Common Daisy Information:

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  • Scientific Name: Bellis Perennis
  • Common Name: Common Daisy, Lawn Daisy, English Daisy, Daisy
  • Origin: Europe
  • Current Status: Naturalized in almost all temperate climates (not Antarctica)

Annual or Bi-Annual Blooms
The common daisy blooms annually or bi-annually, which means some years there might not be any flowers.

Flowers in Flowers
Bees love visiting daisies for their flowerets, the name for the tiny yellow flowers in the eye of the daisy.

Seeds in the Center
Seeds of daisies can be found in each floweret in the center. Each flower can have up to 250 seeds!

Additional Common Daisy Facts:

  • Prefers moist, well-drained soil, but can live anywhere with watering and drainage.
  • Common daisies like full sun, but will be ok with partial shade.
  • Daisies are generally edible, however, they become more bitter over time.
  • For more technical information about the Bellis Perennis species visit our friends @ New England Botany.

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