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Scientific Name: Cichorium intybus

Origin: Europe

Current Status: Naturalized in much of North America, China, and Australia

One Plant, Many Servings

Chicory is commonly consumed in many ways. The leaves in salads or roasted, the flowers in salads, the roots roasted and ground in coffee.

Endive Lettuce

Endive is also commonly known as chicory and the supermarket version is a close relative of the blue flower.

A World Travel

Chicory originated in Europe, but has been naturalized all over America.

Chicory & Dandelions

Chicory and Dandelions are close flower relatives and often prepared to eat the same way.

Another Aster!

Chicory and Dandelions are also part of the Asteraceae family.

Historical Eats

Roman Historian Horace referenced chicory as a regular part of his diet in 30 BCE making it one of the oldest referenced historical flowers.

Additional Fun Facts about Chicory:

  • Chicory is often grown for fodder like red clover.
  • Chicory is also known as cornflower, the shade of blue is a reference to its beautiful blossoms.
  • Discarding the cooking water makes wild chicory greens taste less bitter!