Chicory Flower

Chicory Flower Information:

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  • Scientific Name: Cichorium intybus
  • Common Name: Chicory flower, Common Chicory
  • Origin: Europe
  • Current Status: Naturalized in much of North America, China, and Australia

One Plant, Many Servings
Chicory leaves and flowers can be used raw in salads for a bitter flavor.

Endive Lettuce
Supermarket endive, cichorium endivia, is a close relative of the blue chicory flower.

A World Traveler
Chicory originated in Europe but currently grows all over America.

Chicory & Dandelions
Dandelions are close flower relatives to Chicory and often prepared to eat the same way.

Another Aster!
Chicory, like many other flowers, is a part of the Asteraceae family.

Historical Eats
Roman Historian, Horace, referenced chicory as a regular part of his diet in 30 BCE. That makes chicory one of the earliest recorded flowers in history.

Additional Chicory Flower Information:

  • Chicory grows in well-drained, sunny areas, like roadsides. Very low maintenance.
  • Chicory is also known as a blue daisy, blue dandelion, wild endive, and coffeeweed.
  • Technically considered a weed in the US, the Ohio State weed guide is an excellent reference.

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