BeeExplorer Boston – The Emerald Necklace

BeeExplorer Boston – The Emerald Necklace – Details

In BeeExplorer Boston the Emerald Necklace, Lily Bee takes the MBTA from Medford into Downtown Boston to explore Boston’s famous park system, the Emerald Necklace (plus a little more). Lily meets up with her friends Cedric & Duncan to travel into the city and through new and exciting flowers (as well as some familiar ones)!

In addition to the information available in BeeExplorer Boston, players are encouraged to learn through doing. Explore not just levels, but also Apps within the BeePhone:

  • Bee Store:
    • 4 Types of Butterfly Wings to Experiment with
    • 25+ Antenna & Dress Combinations
    • Special Effects & More…
  • Bee Stories:
    • Learn BeeExplorer Tips & Tricks
    • Learn About Mini-Games & Lily’s Friends
  • Bee Bank:
    • Earn Pollen & Nectar Points for each Level
    • Earn Honey Money for each Trivia Challenge
  • BeeChats:
    • Interact with multiple characters through BeeChat
    • Send & Receive Messages as Lily Bee
    • Send & Receive Pictures & Relevant Information
  • Maps & Travel:
    • Use Maps to Jump Levels back & forward (if its unlocked)
    • Use Travel to unlock new Levels